Mange ToDo list

With CheckBox, you can mange your todo list easily.

Manage sub-tasks

CheckBox gives you a simple task list. You can add sub-tasks to a task. You can add and edit sub tasks in a task list.

Choose your favorite theme

You can select a theme you like.

Work with Reminders

CheckBox shares its data with Reminders. You change is applied immediately to Reminders.

See what you want to see

You can display multiple lists at the same time. You can also hide a list.

Best text size

Text size changes by iOS setting. You can see texts at the best size for you.

Motion effect

The background of the list moves as you move your phone. You’ll happy to look all the time.

Support Apple Watch

You can check reminders without taking out your iPhone.

Add a reminder on your wrist

You can add a new reminder on your wrist.